Buying Your Dream Home


My mission & commitment is to look out for your Best Interests while helping you Find Your Dream Home. A home that not only Feels Right and Delivers Your Needs and Goals, but one that also provides the opportunity to Optimize Your Return on Investment – 'The opportunity to optimize your return on investment is determined when you buy a home and realized when you sell it'.

Finding Your Dream Home:

As your Real Estate Buying Agent, I will:

  • Be there with you every step of the way, 24/7, in the buying process from identifying Areas to Shop and Viewing homes, to making a Purchase offer and Negotiating the Deal, through to Closing and Beyond
  • Listen Carefully to your desired home specifications and target areas to shop featuring homes deliver your Needs and Goals
  • Leverage my Oakville area Knowledge & Insights having called Oakville home since 1969
  • Bring to the table my Successful track record in Local Real Estate buying/selling as well as Related Business Knowledge & Experience
  • Answer your Questions and provide Learned Counsel throughout the buying process and procedures
  • Keep you Informed on local Market Trends and New Listings so you can act quickly to get the jump on opportunities as they arise
  • Schedule & Accompany you on Viewings, Provide & review complete Details on the property, Provide a Professional Opinion on how the home meets your Needs & Wants, as well as Point out Deficiencies that may need to be considered & addressed
  • Advise you on the Best Price to Offer for your dream home, based on current comparatives & recent sales activity
  • Prepare & Present your Purchase Offer, Manage & counsel you on counter-offers, Skillfully Negotiate details (price, conditions, closing date, etc.) to Ensure you get the Best Deal
  • Provide ancillary support, If and as required, through an independent network of service providers that can assist with pre & post buy services such as: Mortgage brokers, Home inspectors, Real Estate lawyers, Moving/Storage companies, Home repairs and so forth.

Preparing for Your Home Search:

Advanced Financial Planning is an integral part of setting the stage to shop for and to secure your dream home.

Key components encompass:

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval: Getting you mortgage pre-approved by you bank/lender gives you the Peace-of-mind of knowing you can afford homes you view on the market, and is an Effective Sign to sellers that You Are a Serious, Prepared Buyer which gives you the edge when making an offer
  • Budgeting for Other Home Purchase Expenses, including: Home Inspection, Land Transfer Tax, Lawyer's fees, Moving &/or storage costs, Annual property taxes, Move-in Re-modeling costs, Condo fees, Home maintenance and Property insurance. 


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